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LEDTC, the first dedicated facility in Lucknow, for diabetes care is a well-equipped Diabetic Specialty Centre centrally located in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow.
It is a dedicated centre for the diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome and related disorders like Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Retina Disorders, Gestational Diabetes etc.

At LEDTC we employ a multifaceted, structured and comprehensive approach for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Neuropathy, Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension & Hyperlipidemia related and Endocrinology related disorders.

The services include Disease Management by Personalized Counselling & Individualised Lifestyle Modifications and Lifestyle & Diet Consultancy Services, Pathology Lab, Diabetic Foot Care, ECG & ABMP (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Diabetic Retinopathy Services, Insulin Pump, Physiotherapy, Health Cafetaria, Pharmacy, Diabetes Education & Awareness Programs etc.

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What Is The Cause Of Diabetes?

  • What is the cause of Diabetes?

    Diabetes is a disease which results from an absolute or relative deficiency of a hormone called INSULIN in body, which regulates blood sugar levels and also has many other positive effects in body. Insulin also plays key role in energy regulation, protein metabolism and body weight maintenance. As a result not only there is high level of circulating sugar in blood but also the person becomes prone to develop a number of complications related to diabetes.

  • Is it so that those people who take excess sugar become diabetic?

    There are studies which have shown that excess consumption of carbohydrates is associated with increased risk of developing diabetes. Whatever we eat as food is directly or indirectly converted into glucose in the body, which is the utilized by the body cells for producing energy under the effect of Insulin. In normal state, whatever sweets are eaten, they are converted into glucose and thereby utilized for energy production with the help of insulin. So the blood glucose levels do not rise. However, excessive consumption of calories, in excess to that can be handled by body metabolic processes, leads to development of insulin resistance and increased demand for insulin. This coupled with decreased insulin production leads to insulin deficiency and as a result glucose load can not be utilized and circulates in blood causing high blood sugar levels.

  • If one becomes diabetic, how should he take care of his problem?

    There are three cornerstones of diabetes management – lifestyle modifications which include diet regulation and regular exercise, anti-diabetic medications and regular monitoring of blood glucose levels. Lifestyle modifications are very useful and smoking cessation, losing extra weight in obese individuals, cutting alcohol intake and stress management are very helpful in long-term control of diabetes and prevention of complications.

  • Is there increased risk of heart problems in diabetic patients?

    Yes. There is a definitely higher risk of having high blood pressure and heart attack in diabetics and these patients have 2 to 3 times higher risk of having these problems as compared to normal population. Also, these patients have higher risk of having silent heart attacks, more severe heart attacks, more number of blocks in their coronary arteries and higher risk of death as compared to their non diabetic counterparts.

  • Is diabetes curable?

    Diabetes is not curable, but it is definitely controllable. And if a patient is well controlled , not only he can lead a near normal life but also one can prevent and postpone the occurrence of associated disease conditions and complications of diabetes.

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What is Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a state with ‘increased blood glucose levels’, which can damage your kidney, eye, heart, nerves, etc. Pre-Diabetes means you are at higher risk of developing diabetes mellitus.


Endocrinology is specialised branch of medicine dealing with most of the common health disorders like diabetes, thyroid etc. In India, doctors who get training in DM or DNB Endocriology are qualified

What is Thyroid Disorder?

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland. It’s situated slightly below your Adam’s apple. It produces TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone), which travels to the majority of the organs of your body through your blood.

What is Addison disease?

It is also known as primary adrenal insufficiency, wherein cortisol (with/without aldosterone) production is insufficient from the adrenal cortex. Hence, production of ACTH from the pituitary gland increases.

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